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Verdi demands significantly more wages because of inflation

D.he chairman of the services union VerdiFrank Werneke calls for “clearly noticeable increases in real wages” in view of the high inflation rate. These are necessary to enable employees and their families to absorb the price increase. “Since the price jumps for food, energy and gasoline in particular affect people with lower and middle incomes, our tariff demands include minimum amounts that make the wage increases for these employees above average,” said Werneke of the editorial network Germany.

The SPD chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans meanwhile warned against scare tactics. “If scare tactics are used with the uncertainty, it is simply irresponsible,” Walter-Borjans told the RND. A year ago, the energy prices fell very sharply due to Corona, now the increase is all the steeper – “together with the expired VAT reduction, understandably causes great uncertainty, even if the average price increase is much lower,” emphasized Walter-Borjans, who in the Context speaks of a “zigzag movement”.

Carsten Linnemann, deputy chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, contradicts the SPD politician. “The risk of persistently high inflation of well over two percent is high. That hits the households in Germany with full force, “said Linnemann the RND. At low interest rates this is “a cold expropriation of savers.”

People could soon be sitting in the cold

Consumer advocates are calling in the face of the significantly increasing Gas prices Help for low-income households. “Rising prices should be cushioned by topping up the housing allowance for households with low incomes,” said Thomas Engelke from the umbrella association of the Federal Association of German newspaper Welt. “In the case of households that do not receive housing benefits, the government must do everything possible to ensure that gas bans are not imposed if payments are not made and that people are left in the cold.”

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