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‘QR code not checked in more than a third of the cases’

‘QR code not checked in more than a third of the cases’

More than a third of visits to catering establishments, cinemas and other establishments do not check for a corona ticket, the QR code with proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery from the corona virus. That appears from a Thursday published investigation by the I&O Research polling station on behalf of the NOS.

I&O Research conducted a representative sample of more than 2,200 Dutch people aged 18 and older. Three quarters of the respondents use the QR code, lower income groups do so less often than higher income groups. Researcher Peter Kanne late opposite the NOS We know that the respondents are mainly positive about the use of the corona pass. “But then it should actually be watertight. Otherwise they experience it as a false sense of security,” Kanne adds.

Since September 25, it is mandatory to show a corona access pass for visits to the catering industry, cinemas and sports canteens. The outgoing cabinet earmarked extra money for supervision of the control of corona tickets by municipalities. However, municipalities announced last month not directly hand out penalties to companies or guests who do not check visitors for the corona admission ticket.

Festival-goers show their QR code at the entrance of Afas Live before the start of the Amsterdam Musical Festival. Photo Kippa Paul Bergen/ANP

Welcome to a new blog

In this blog, the editors of NRC the most important developments surrounding the corona virus at home and abroad. On Wednesday, RIVM reported the highest number of positive corona tests in one 24-hour period since the end of July. At the RIVM came between Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon 3,746 positive tests within. Hospitals have now seen a slight increase in the number of admissions almost daily for about two weeks.

The Haarlem preliminary relief judge determined that chess players who participate in the Dutch National Championships from Friday onwards will play chess for every match day their corona proof have to show. Six top chess players, including title holder Lucas van Foreest, disagreed with the rule and filed a case. It is still unclear whether all six of them are now waiving participation.

Due to catch-up care and staff shortages, three quarters of Dutch general practitioners suffer from a too high work pressure. This is shown by research by the National Association of General Practitioners (LHV) among 1,150 general practitioners. The LHV wants GPs to no longer play a role in future vaccination campaigns.

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