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Renowned Pashto writer, poet Zaitoon Bano passes away


Zaitoon Bano, presidential award-winning Pashto and Urdu fiction writer and poet, passed away on Tuesday after protracted illness. She was 82.

Known by her pen name Moor Bibi, Bano’s literary journey spanned over 62 years.

Her funeral prayers will be offered at 10am today (Wednesday) at Student Academy School, Ashiqabad in Peshawar.

She was called as “Khatun-e-Awal” (first lady) or “first lady of Pashto fiction”, an honorary title awarded to her in recognition of her contribution to Pashtun women rights.

She started her career in 1958 when she was studying in ninth grade with her first short story titled ‘Hindara’ (Mirror). Between 1958 and 2008, she wrote books and short stories in Urdu and Pashto languages.

Her publications include Maat Bangree, Khoboona (1958), Juandi Ghamoona (1958), Berge Arzoo (1980) and Waqt Kee Dehleez Par (1980).

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Among other publications, a short story titled Da Shagu Mazal revolves around stories written between 1958 and 2017.

She wrote only one poetry collection in Pashto titled Manjeela (head cushion) which was published in 2006. Besides writing, she is also credited for contributing to numerous radio and television plays.

She has written over twenty-four books, including her first short story titled Hindara (Mirror) which is considered one of the prominent writings of Pashto language.

She was born to Pir Syed Sultan Mahmood Shah in Sufaid Dheri village of Peshawar. She was married to Taj Saeed and was granddaughter of Pir Syed Abdul Qudus Tundar, a Pashto poet.

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